Save the Croissants
Save the Croissants
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Feature Films

The Fabricated Partner of Cody Mcguire


     In the Summer of 2016 I collaborated with director and writer Jonah Barrett in Olympia Washington to produce this feature length film. He wrote and directed the film and I shot, lit, edited and color graded it, under his direction. It features a cast of Evergreen students and Olympia locals and an original soundtrack by Christian Carpenter

The Directors Summary: 

Cody McGuire has just returned from an important doctor’s appointment, only to find an attractive-but-naïve artificially created man on her doorstep named Mr. Perfect. With the help of her best friend Jocelyn Christmas, Cody will have to find Mr. Perfect a new home before he drives her insane.

Once you’ve watched the film see the bloopers in this youtube playlist